Tips for baking and cooking with chocolate

When trying to bake or work with chocolate it is so easy to make a mistake, that means the end result will look amateur. Here are just a few pointers that will help you to get the most from it so that you will have a professional-looking product when you’ve finished.

As an example, everyone might think that cutting chocolate is easy, but if you have large chunks of chocolate that you want to chop up, then the best type of knife to use is a long one that has a serrated edge. This will make the job so much easier.

Get the most from the flavour

It is easy to boost the flavour of chocolate just by adding a bit of coffee such as a shot of espresso or just one or two teaspoons of dark coffee at the same time that you add the liquid ingredients to your recipe. It might sound like you would get a strong flavour of coffee but this is not the case.

For a recipe that asks for chocolate chips, it is often recommended that this is ignored. Using real chocolate, particularly if it needs to be melted, will give a much better result. Chocolate chips are much harder to melt than real chocolate.



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