Health benefits of chocolate

In recent years it has been discovered that dark chocolate has some health benefits so in theory we could all boost our health by enjoying a little each day. As with most things, everyone will react differently too it and there are no guarantees. Anyone with specific heath concerns should consult their doctor before trying to treat their conditions themselves.

Chocolate and blood health

A study has shown that chocolate can help with blood clotting and could possibly reduce the risk of developing a blood clot when flying, for example. It is also though that the anti-oxidants in dark chocolate will help to keep levels of LDL cholesterol lower, therefore reducing the risk of hardening arteries.

Immune booster

The immune system is another area that can get a boost and a study has shown that just the smell of chocolate will be enough. A study has shown that the aroma of chocolate may lift the levels of antibodies in the system.

Ease a cough

Some research has shown that those who are suffering from a cough might be able to ease it thanks to the presence of theobromine in chocolate. The study demonstrated that it could be around a third more effective than a standard medication like codeine. It is thought that the theobromine will work on the vagus nerve, which is the nerve that leads to coughing and the best part is that there is no negative impact on other systems of the body such as the cardiovascular system.



Perfect melted chocolate

24 February 2022